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Between The Streams

Sep 9, 2016

  • ATLANTA ON FX: Starring and Created by Donald Glover, Atlanta is a riveting new comedy/drama from FX. The series is based around Glover's character "Earn" as he tries to manage his cousin Paper Boi's burgeoning rap career.
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: It's pretty slim this week, but Sully definitely looks like it will deliver a classic Tom Hanks performance. Also, a very strange musical featuring Tom Hardy, called London Road.
  • TUPAC/BIGGIE MOVIE FEATURING JOHNNY DEPP: The movie will be called LAbyrinth and will be based on the book by Randall Sullivan.
  • RUMOR CONTROL: We tackle the rumored payout of $150 million for Daniel Craig to appear in two more Bond movies and the strange saga of Angela Lansbury possible cameo on Game Of Thrones.
  • NETFLIX RENEWALS AND NEW SERIES: Most of us haven't even finished Season 2, but Netflix has already renewed Narcos for a 3rd and 4th Season. Where do they plan to take this series? Also, a new docu-series on the famed murder mystery revolving around Amanda Knox.
  • BETTER THINGS ON FX: Fans of Louis will be excited about this new Louis CK co-produced series starring Pamela Adlon. 
  • BATMAN, DEATHSTROKE AND DEADPOOL: The villain for the new Ben Affleck Batman movie appears to have been cast. Joe Manganiello is set to take on the role of the villain that inspired Deadpool.
  • MARVEL UPDATES: MS. MARVEL, DR. STRANGE, SQUIRREL GIRL: We have some more looks and speculation regarding Dr. Strange and its changing release date. Ms. Marvel may be primed to add some diversity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Squirrel Girl and her bizarre power may be getting a television show.