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Between The Streams

Aug 11, 2017

What comic book character deserves their own movie/TV series next?; Star Wars Alien Races; Weekend Box Office: Annabelle: Creation, Dunkirk; Disney/Netflix Split; Netflix acquires Millarworld; Deadpool 2; Cowboy Ninja Viking; Flashpoint; Milla Jovovich; Carnage; Avatar Villains

  • WHAT COMIC BOOK CHARACTER DESERVES THEIR OWN MOVIE/TV SERIES NEXT?: With so many new characters getting movies, we cover some of the more obscure titles that will be coming to the screen.

  • STAR WARS ALIENS: We find out about two more species of Aliens on Luke's planets, plus some more information about Snoke.
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Annabelle: Creation; Dunkirk in 70mm.

  • NETFLIX ACQUIRES MILLARWORLD: We cover some of the more interesting catalogs that might make into the Netflix roster of Movies/TV series.

  • DEADPOOL 2: We finally have a look at Josh Brolin's Cable.

  • COWBOY NINJA VIKING: Chris Pratt will star in this movie, causing us ask whether comic movies have jumped the shark, or he has.

  • FLASHPOINT: Flash will have a guest star in Wonder Woman in his upcoming movie.

  • HELLBOY: Milla Jovovich has signed on to play The Blood Queen.

  • CARNAGE: Casting for the Venom movie is in full force.

  • AVATAR VILLAINS: They are all coming back for the upcoming sequel....even though they died in the last one.