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Between The Streams

Jun 30, 2017

Rick and Morty have announced their return, which leads to a discussion of our favorite animated series ever. Plus: Baby Driver; Despicable Me 3; Okja; The House; Han Solo troubles; Jumanji; Batman Hitchcock; Inhumans; Sense8; Everything Sucks; She's Gotta Have It; Tremors TV Series; AD Astra; Greatest Showman

  • WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ANIMATED TV SERIES?: Rick and Morty have announced their return and Greg admits his shame of having just started watching the series. 

  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Baby Driver; Despicable Me 3; Okja; The House

  • HAN SOLO TROUBLES: The two co-directors were let go (fired) and now Ron Howard has stepped in. Does this spell trouble for the Star Wars story?

  • JUMANJI REMAKE/SEQUEL: We were hesitant to get on board with the original announcement. Now that we've seen the trailer...we have changed our minds.

  • BATMAN TAKE: Reports are out that the upcoming solo Batman film will take a more Hitchcock-ian spin.

  • THE INHUMANS: We finally have a trailer for the next big Marvel television series. The characters are a little less known, but it might possibly work.

  • SENSE8 GETS A FINALLY: Netflix has listened to the fans of Sense8 and after cancelling the series, will now have a 2 hour movie wrap-up.

  • EVERYTHING SUCKS: Coming out in 2018, this series will feature a high school in 1996 Oregon.

  • SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT:Spike Lee will be bringing his 1986 film to live as a television series on Netflix.

  • TREMORS TO TV: We've been hearing about it for 2 years, but Kevin Bacon has officially announced he is returning for a 10-episode series based on the original campy horror movie.

  • AD ASTRA: It's a space movie, where Tommy Lee Jones goes missing and Brad Pitt plays his son, that goes looking for him.

  • GREATEST SHOWMAN: The success of LA LA Land, may be leading to a Hollywood musical renaissance. Hugh Jackman will lead the cast of this take on PT Barnum's rise.