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Between The Streams

Jun 9, 2017

Are there too many Cinematic Universes?; The Mummy; Dark Universe; It Comes At Night; My Cousin Rachel; Meagen Leavey; Black Panther; Transformers 5; Hellboy Feud; Cowboy Bebop; The House; GoT; Al Pacino/Joe Paterno; Coco; Made In America

  • IS UNIVERSAL'S CINEMATIC UNIVERSE ALREADY CRASHING? The Mummy is supposed to be the jumping off point of Universal's Dark Universe. However, terrible reviews may put that in jeopardy. We go through all of the many, many, many, Cinematic Universes currently being made.

  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: It Comes At Night; My Cousin Rachel; Meagen Leavey.

  • BLACK PANTHER: A new poster and promises of a new trailer during the NBA Finals, give us more of a look at T'Challa.

  • TRANSFORMERS 5: A lot of drama, a robot butler, a robot dragon, Mark Wahlberg and more drama.

  • HELLBOY FEUD: Patton Oswalt came to the rescue and defused a burgeoning feud between David Harbour and Ron Pearlman, by supplying a lot of scotch.

  • COWBOY BEBOP: Fans are in an uproar as plans are announced to turn the anime franchise into a live-action TV series.

  • THE HOUSE: Will Ferrel and Amy Poehler team up in the comedy about a couple that starts a casino in their neighbors basement.

  • GAME OF THRONES: The seasons will be much shorter, but the episodes will go to record lengths.

  • AL PACINO/JOE PATERNO: Al Pacino has been cast to play Joe Paterno in an HBO film about the last days of the PSU Coach.

  • COCO: Pixar released a trailer for their November animated feature.

  • MADE IN AMERICA: It looks a lot like Blow, but Tom Cruise will be playing a drug smuggler who turned into a CIA informant.