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Between The Streams

May 20, 2017

What Sitcom would you like to see revived?; Alien Covenant; Wakefield; Ridley Scott TNT; Orville; Aquaman; Viper; Okja; Arrested Development; Roseanne; X-Men The Gifted; Witcher; The Dark Crystal; Twin Peaks

  • WHAT SITCOM WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE REVIVED?: In the wake of Roseanne getting another run, we ask the important question of what other series should get the same treatment.

  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Alien Covenant finally hits theaters and an interesting new movie called Wakefield with Bryan Cranston.

  • RIDLEY SCOTT TO DEVELOP FOR TNT: He is signed on to develop a block of programming, including an hour-long series and some shorter programs.

  • ORVILLE: Seth MacFarlane created and stars in a new spoof of Star Trek series.

  • NEW AQUAMAN: We get our first look at Amber Heard in her costume for the upcoming Aquaman Movie.

  • VIPER GETS AN ACTOR: In a swift move, Sony announces that Tom Hardy will in fact be the new Viper.

  • OKJA: A new Netflix movie will star Tilda Swinton and....a CGI Pig/Hippo/Dog/Monster thing.

  • ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT:Season 5 is officially on, per Jason Bateman and this one will be a marked change from Season 4.

  • X-MEN SPINOFF GIFTED: A trailer was released for the upcoming X-Men television series and it's a little.....well it looks rather plain.

  • WITCHER SERIES: The popular Easter European book and video game series is coming to Netflix as a television series.

  • THE DARK CRYSTAL: One of the most exciting series in a while, Jim Henson Studios is bringing a prequel series to Netflix!

  • TWIN PEAKS: After over 25 years off the air, the strange people of Twin Peaks return, this time to Showtime.