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Between The Streams

Nov 12, 2016

Arrival, Long Halftime, Valerian, Star Wars Rogue One, Pacific Rim, Deadpool 3, American Werewolf, Big Bang Theory spinoff, Freddie Mercury Movie, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Stranger Things Season 2

  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Arrival looks to be absolutely stellar! On the other end, we have Billy Lynn's Long Hafltime Walk.
  • VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS: Luc Besson who wrote and directed The Fifth Element is back with another movie full of weird aliens and amazing visuals.
  • STAR WARS ROGUE ONE INTERNATIONAL: Yet another trailer is out, showcasing a little more Vader and a little more speculation about Jyn Erso's connection to the Force.
  • PACIFIC RIM: MAELSTROM: The new edition of Pacific Rim will star John Boyega in the lead. The question is; where are the monsters?
  • DEADPOOL 3: This is probably jumping the gun by a lot, but it appears a bigger faction of the X-Men may finally be joining up with Deadpool.
  • REBOOT RECAP: American Werewolf in London might be getting a new take from John Landis' son and Big Bang Theory's Sheldon is getting an origin series.
  • MR. ROBOT'S RAMI MALEK IN THE FREDDIE MERCURY MOVIE: This has been years in the making, but we finally have our star.
  • CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM SEASON 9: We are finally getting a season of Larry David being his awful, slightly-fictional self!
  • STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2: The series is adding some more star power, as Sean Astin and Paul Reiser join the next season.