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Between The Streams

Sep 23, 2016

  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: The Magnificent gets a third reboot, with an All-Star cast; Storks gives an interesting take on an old tale; Goat debuts with a hazing vibe.
  • JARED LETO TAKES ON ANDY WARHOL: Jared Leto will not only be playing, but also producing a new movie about Andy Warhol, conveniently called...Warhol....

Sep 16, 2016

  • MAN OF STEEL 2: Man of Steel has largely been claimed as the best DC movie to date and we finally have confirmation that a 2nd one is on the way. We delve into the DC Schedule of films, which include Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: Snowden with Joseph Gordon-Levitt is...

Sep 9, 2016

  • ATLANTA ON FX: Starring and Created by Donald Glover, Atlanta is a riveting new comedy/drama from FX. The series is based around Glover's character "Earn" as he tries to manage his cousin Paper Boi's burgeoning rap career.
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: It's pretty slim this week, but Sully definitely looks like it will...

Sep 3, 2016

  • BREAKING MARVEL NEWS: It turns out Avengers "Infinity" will NOT be an Avengers reunion. The new deleted scenes also reveal a possible foreshadowing of what is to happen to Captain America.
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: The Light Between Oceans will satisfy the romance category; Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp cast their...