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Between The Streams

Dec 3, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One; Weekend Box Office: Jackie, Man Down; Review of Moana & Arrival; Star Trek Discovery casting; Alien: Covenant; The Mummy trailer teaser; The Humanity Bureau; Netflix downloads; Emerald City; Silence; Riverdale

  • STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE: The cast got together for a Q&A, along with a brand new trailer and a clip from the upcoming film. We'll let you know what we found about the world unfolding in the movie.
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Jackie is getting fantastic review, Man Down, not so much. Also, Ryan gives a review of Moana and Arrival.
  • STAR TREK DISCOVERY: We've had some casting news and are starting to get an idea of who the new characters will be. We'll give you the rundown. 
  • THE HUMANITY BUREAU: Nicholas Cage seems to be in the middle of a resurgence and is set to helm this new SciFi movie, where unproductive society members are sent to their own colony.
  • NETFLIX ALLOWS DOWNLOADS: Ryan spells out the details of what this means, how much you can download, what you can download and what's coming up for the streaming giant.
  • EMERALD CITY: We've got yet another take on the Wizard of Oz and this one is by far one of the strangest. The new series will air on NBC and looks like it is made of nightmares.
  • SILENCE: Scorsese's passion project from the 90's is finally seeing the light of day. The story revolves around 17th century Japan, with some pretty great visuals.
  • RIVERDALE: The Archie comics get a new take this January, with a teen-drama, Twin Peaks-inspired, CW show. Greg does not like it.