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Between The Streams

Oct 7, 2016

  • LOGAN FEATURES AN OLDER WOLVERINE: The first poster for the final Hugh Jackman-helmed Wolverine movie is out, along with some details about the plot.
  • LUKE CAGE DOMINATES: This review is spoiler-free, but we cannot express how great the Luke Cage series has been. If you love the music, we'll also give you a tip on where to hear more.
  • IRON FIST, THE PUNISHER AND THE NETFLIX MCU: Iron Fist is next up for Marvel/Netflix and we have the release date. In addition, we'll fill you in on what's up after that for The Defenders and their separate series.
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: Birth of a Nation, The Girl on the Train and the intriguing Voyage of Time, highlight this weekend's releases
  • YOUNG HAN SOLO CAST: We already know Alden Ehrenreich will be Han Solo in the spin-off films, but we're now finding out about who will join him. Included...Lando Calrissian. 
  • BLACK MIRROR SEASON 3: The fantastic "Twilight Zone-like" series which focuses on Technology, returns in October, with a brand new season
  • JORDAN PEELE HORROR MOVIE, GET OUT: Jordan Peele, of Key and Peele fame, debuts his horror movie, Get Out. Peele both wrote and directed the original movie, which features a unique twist.
  • BLADE RUNNER 2049: Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford will be in this sequel. Newly announced; Oculus will be releasing some version of this movie in VR!
  • NEW YORK CITY COMIC CON: We give a brief recap of what has happened so far and what to expect from the weekend's announcements.