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Between The Streams

Aug 26, 2016

  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: Don't Breathe seems to be offering something a little different as a combination horror/thriller, Mechanic Resurrection offers more Jason Statham, Southside With You gives a look at Barack and Michelle Obama's first date.
  • COMIC BOOK MOVIES: DC Comics continues expanding their cinematic universe, with the announcement of a Dark Universe film, helmed by Doug Liman. With John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna and a slew of new characters, it looks to take DC even darker. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 releases a new poster and we find out a little more about the next Avengers movie.
  • BETWEEN THE CRACKS: Home Movies and Dr. Katz
  • HORROR CORNER: Blair Witch gets a "sequel" that looks a lot like the original and The Ring goes digital.
  • NARCOS SEASON 2: A new trailer release reveals a very bloody battle ahead.
  • GOPRO THE FOURTH PHASE: GoPro may take the reigns of Warren Miller-type films, with a stunning Snowboard movie.